Care and Cleaning

All our rugs are manufactured under strict quality assurance standards using premium raw materials.. To extend their durability and fine look, the following cleaning and maintenance methods are recommended:

Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming is highly essential to keep your rug in good condition. We recommend vacuuming the rug once a week to keep it in good shape. Please click here to book your Professional Cleaning Today

Cleaning: Dry cleaning will help to maintain the appearance and extend the life of your rug. We recommend dry-cleaning the rug when necessary.. Please be sure to mention to your cleaner that the rug should not be washed or shaken. We offer a professional hand cleaning service, please click here to book your Professional Cleaning Today

Spill and Stain Removal: Acting quickly and adequately to soak up any spilled liquids is critical to prevent permanent stains. First, soak up the spill using a clean towel or paper towels – but do not rub, as it will cause the stain to settle deeper into the fibers.  Once done, lightly sponge the stained area with a mild detergent for stains.  Do not use strong detergent with bleaching qualities. It is recommended to try the stain removal process on a hidden area of the rug first, if possible.

Shedding: It is normal for rugs to shed for the first six months. We recommend vacuuming the rug once a week and the shedding will gradually slow down and eventually cease.

Storage & Handling: Improper storage or transport may cause permanent damage to your rug. When storing your rug, make sure to roll it gently into a sealed plastic cover, and place it horizontally in a cool, dry space. Do not store rugs in dark, moist spaces for lengthy periods. Never fold, bend or forcefully attempt to tuck the rug into any case.

For further advice regarding care & cleaning, please Contact Us.